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(for the MFDR01 Floppy disk drive replacement unit)

  • Part Number MFDR-USB-01: data drive only, no O/S, 1.3Mb free space
  • Part Number MFDR-USB-02: Boots to FreeDos (see note below), 0.8Mb/800Kb free space
  • Part Number MFDR-USB-03: Boots to FreeDos with NTFS support
    for hard drives (see note below), 0.8Mb/800Kb free space
  • USB drive will allow same capacity as floppies
  • Tested with DOS, all Windows versions
  • Compatible with Windows 3.0 to Windows 10
  • Drives have a 1-year warranty
Please note: these drives will only boot when inserted into the USB port on our
MFDR01 floppy replacement drive. They will not boot in a PC USB port. However,
data files (not part of booting) may be written and read on a standard PC USB port.

Need more specs for these drives? Get the Data Sheet: CLICK
See the drive that uses this media: CLICK
Available USB Flash Media
   These USB Flash Drives are formatted specifically for our USB Floppy Replacement Unit. Because the system was using a floppy disk, the space on the drive is formatted like a floppy disk viewed as a 1.44MB floppy disk. The best feature of our floppy drive replacement unit is that it works with ALL Windows and DOS operating systems without DEVICE DRIVERS. It will read and write to the USB drive JUST LIKE A FLOPPY. Blank drives, FreeDos bootable and FreeDos bootable with NTFS support drives are available.
Order these drives from this page. For five or more units, call or inquire below.
P/n: MFDR-USB-01
Data drive only, no O/S, 1.3MB free space
Bootable full FreeDos O/S, 800KB free space
Bootable full FreeDos O/S w/NTFS support, 800KB free space
Shipping is $9.99 for 1 unit, plus $1.00 for each additional unit. We ship by UPS ground unless otherwise requested.
If you have any questions about the above product, please let us know.
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